Selva Takes Charge of Air Mobility Command

Gen. Paul Selva became commander of Air Mobility Command during a ceremony at Scott AFB, Ill. Gen. Raymond Johns, who had led AMC since November 2009, relinquished command during the Nov. 30 change of command, over which Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh presided. “To the men and women who represent AMC, I can’t tell you how proud I am of what you have accomplished [in] making the impossible possible,” said Selva to the assembled airmen upon assuming command, according to a release. He added, “You are the heart and soul, and I’m proud to be your commander.” Selva now leads the nearly 134,000 members of the mobility air forces, who provide airlift, aerial refueling, and aeromedical evacuation capabilities. He served previously in Hawaii as Pacific Air Forces’ vice commander. Johns is retiring from the Air Force after 35 years of service, effective on Jan. 1. In recognition of his efforts in support of AMC’s enlisted airmen, the command’s enlisted corps inducted Johns into the command’s Order of the Sword on Nov. 28. (See also Scott release for more photos of change-of-command ceremony.)