QF-4 Doesn’t Make it Home

Testers at Tyndall AFB, Fla., last week destroyed a QF-4 drone over the Gulf of Mexico “for safety considerations” during its return to the base following a routine operation, announced base officials. The incident happened on July 10. Operators triggered the drone’s self-destruct charge, according to a posting at Tyndall’s Facebook page. The QF-4 was assigned to Tyndall’s 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group. The Air Force has used the remotely piloted QF-4s—which are regenerated F-4 fighters—for decades as full-scale aerial targets in air-to-air testing. The service is now transitioning to using QF-16s, converted out-of-service F-16s, in this role. (See also Final F-4 Regenerated for Use as Aerial Target.)