Osan Hosts ROKAF Visitors for Buddy Wing 15-3

As part of efforts to build joint readiness between US Air Force and Republic of Korea Air Force units, the 36th Fighter Squadron at Osan AB, South Korea, recently hosted Buddy Wing 15-3 to hone the air-to-air combat skills of pilots in both militaries. Osan’s 36th FS hosted the ROKAF’s 159th FS from Jungwon Air Base in late March for a week-long event, enabling F-16 pilots to practice tactics and refine strategies for air combat over the peninsula. Both 36th FS and ROKAF pilots flew and debriefed missions during the event, giving new opportunities to approach flying scenarios. The strategies and tactics practiced during the event are “more developed and more realistic,” said Capt. Byung Hyuk Jeon, a pilot with the ROKAF 159th FS. “Getting a chance to work closely with our US counterparts is very useful because of the techniques we learned and also for if we were to have a real-world incident on the peninsula,” he said. The 36th FS visited Jungwon in January, as well, as part of the “buddy wing” exercise program. The US and the ROK are enhancing bilateral air and missile defense training of their respective militaries.