On Track

The Afghan National Army Air Force has seen plenty of growth in the last year, but pilot training, and language and technical skills will continue to challenge the US and NATO advisors working to build up the force, says Brig. Gen. Michael Boera, commander of the Combined Air Power Transition Force. The ANAAF’s air size is expected to increase 71 percent from 40 aircraft in November 2009 to 71 by July 2011 as it transitions to a more western fleet, Boera told reporters during a media teleconference Friday. The CAPTF is charged with building the ANAAF to an independent fighting force. In the next year, an additional 2,300 airmen are projected to join the fledgling air arm, and mission capability will see a whopping growth of 215 percent, he said. “We’ve seen some pretty great accomplishments since CAPTF stood up last November and I believe we will continue to make that steady progress,” he said. Continue