December 2023

Vol. 106, No. 12

Kendall has posited a force of at least 1,000 CCAs, with the first ones ready for duty within the next six years. That timeline demands a robust and fast-paced test program.

Disentangling Quantum

Quantum computers promise unparalleled computing power, enabling encryption-breaking and problem-solving on a scale and speed not possible today.

WORLD: Modernization

WORLD: B-21 Raider's first flight; Tests begin on T-7A Red Hawk; New cloud-based command and control system.

WORLD: Operations

WORLD: Counterstrikes in the Middle East; F-16 training for Ukrainian pilots.

WORLD: Space

WORLD: Space: 21 planned Space Force launches in FY24; Space Forces Europe and Africa (SPACE-EURAF) to stand up soon.


A collection of quotes on airpower, space power, and national security issues.


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Faces of the Force

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