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Disentangling Quantum

Quantum computers promise unparalleled computing power, enabling encryption-breaking and problem-solving on a scale and speed not possible today.

Winning the Kill Chain Competition

For the U.S. Air Force to maintain its kill chain advantage, it must evolve its kill chains to counter adversary strategies to break them. 

Crewed-Uncrewed Teaming

Air Force leaders today are making significant decisions about the future force, betting on the promise of autonomous collaborative combat aircraft (CCA) as a means to increase the Air Force’s combat capacity.

Beyond Pixie Dust

A framework for understanding and developing autonomy in unmanned aircraft. The Air Force is rapidly evolving new concepts for teaming manned fighters and bombers with autonomous unmanned aircraft to perform strikes, counter-air, electronic warfare, and other missions.

Building An Agile Force

America needs an offset strategy built on speed, adaptability and a robust, dynamic aerospace industry.

Mosaic Warfare

Designing a new way of war to restore America’s military competitiveness.

The Case for Fifth-Generation and NGAD Airpower

The case for 5th generation fighters is built on all-aspect stealth; superior aerodynamic performance; advanced automated sensors; and the power of automated information fusion.

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