June/July 2023

Vol. 106, No. 6

Personnel by the numbers: Total Force; end strength and manpower trends; breakdowns by gender, rank, region, command, base, Air Force Specialty Codes, sex, ethnicity, race, marital status, and education.

2023 USAF & USSF Almanac: Spending

The Defense Department Budget rolls up the total spending by each military department—the Departments of the Air Force (which also includes the Space Force), the Navy (which also includes the Marine Corps), and the Army.

Editorial: An Airman Will Be Chairman

For the first time in 18 years, an Airman will be the commander in chief’s top military adviser, and not a moment too soon. As Chairman, Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. will have an opportunity to exert influence across the joint enterprise, including how requirements should be met and resourced.


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Faces of the Force

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A collection of of quotes on airpower, space power, and national security issues.

World: Leadership

WORLD: Leadership: CSAF Brown nominated to be CJCS; Most likely next Air Force Chief; Promotions to lieutenant colonel harder; Biden speaks at USAFA graduation.

World: Readiness

WORLD: Readiness: Safety pause over, B-2 flies; New bill to lock in Guard Fighter Squadrons; DARPA's X-65 aircraft.

World: Space

World: Space: Space Force wants its own ISR satellites; Bentivegna is the next CMSSF.