May 2023

Vol. 106, No. 5

Think Combat Search and Rescue Is No Longer Viable? These Air Force Rescue Pilots Say, ‘Think Again.’
DOD hits the reset button on high school instructor qualifications, opening jobs to more candidates.
Beginning with the fiscal 2024 budget, every dollar for F-35 will fund TR-3-equipped Block 4 jets. The need for those jets could hardly be greater.

Editorial: Youth and Consequences

How is it, the public wondered, that our military trusts people so young with secrets so large? ... The fact is, the military could not function if it didn’t trust volunteers in their teens and early 20s with security clearances.

WORLD: Russia-Ukraine

WORLD: Russia-Ukraine; US, Russia Stop Sharing Nuclear Forces Data; DOD Balks at F-16s, MQ-9s for Ukraine.

WORLD: Air Warfare

WORLD: USAF Fighter Mix Changing at Kadena; $9 Billion in F-22 Updates; CCAs Arrive Before NGAD; Re-engined B-52 becomes B-52J; T-7 Delayed til 2025; A-10s, E-3s to the Boneyard.

WORLD: Space

WORLD: Space: SDA Launches First Flight; Space Force Builds Ties with Combatant Commands.

WORLD: Security

WORLD: Security: Pentagon Launches Comprehensive Security Review, after intel Leak.

Faces of the Force

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