April 2023

Vol. 106, No. 4

At least 20 new airplane programs—including a handful that are variants—are in some stage of planning or development. If sustained, this airplane-building campaign will lower the average age of the fleet, increase its size, and enhance its ability to be upgraded rapidly.
The Air Force’s B-21 Raider will be the world’s most advanced stealthy bomber when it is fielded later in this decade. For Air Force leaders, the challenge will be to fund the B-21 program to rapidly acquire the inventory it needs to meet operational demands.

Editorial: Why Recruiting is in Crisis

Today’s recruiting challenges are systemic to our national circumstances. The military is in a more competitive environment than ever, at a time when other societal changes are also working to the services’ disadvantage.

WORLD: Highlights from AWS

WORLD: Highlights from AFA Air Warfare Symposium: USAF fielding Collaborative Combat Aircraft; Saltzman's Theory of Competitive Endurance; USAF Bets on ACE; Recruiting Crisis.


World: Air: In the Russia-Ukraine War, Air Superiority is Key; Mobility Guardian 2023.

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