August 2013

Vol. 96, No. 8

The Rover

The small system spreads intel to those who need it most, with an outsize impact on the battlefield.

Washington Watch

Back to the ’90s As the war in Afghanistan winds down, the Air Force will likely go back to a force rotation very much like it had in the 1990s, answering about the same level of demand for its capabilities...

Air Force World

? Gorenc To Be USAFE Commander Lt. Gen. Frank Gorenc has been confirmed by the Senate to take the reins as commander of US Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa at Ramstein AB, Germany. Officials with the command announced the...


? Readiness: Fading, Fading … “The expected level of readiness is different for those units [that] are not scheduled to support a combat role. Particular units cannot be expected to have the same level of readiness when, due to sequestration...

Me 163 Komet

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The Perry Doctrine

“The Ethical Use of Military Force” Secretary of Defense William J. Perry The Forrestal Lecture US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. April 18, 1995 FULL TEXT VERSION In 1984, President Reagan’s secretary of defense, Caspar W. Weinberger, called for sharp restraints...


It Happens Secretary of Defense Hagel announced support to change the UCMJ to strip convening authorities of their ability to modify findings of a court-martial [“Air Force World: UCMJ Changes Recommended,” June, p. 18]. Hagel said, “These changes … would...


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AFA National Report

Tickled by the Prince At the Warrior Games in Colorado in May, Brandon Bishop—sponsored in part by Colorado State AFA—competed in sitting volleyball against other military services athletes and—oh, by the way—Britain’s Prince Harry. To hear Colorado State President George...