February 2011

Vol. 94, No. 2

High Fliers at Beale

USAF’s U-2 and Global Hawk reconnaissance aircraft require unique skills at Beale Air Force Base.

Air Force World

New START Ratified The Senate ratified the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia on Dec. 22, by a margin of 71 to 26. “This is the most significant arms control agreement in nearly two decades, and it will make...


Hey, Let’s Disarm Ourselves “For those who say we can’t touch it (the Pentagon budget) and shouldn’t touch it, that’s absurd. We’ve got to. There’s no way we’re going to have the fiscal responsibility we need without addressing defense spending.”—Rep....

C-7 Caribou

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The Folly of “Strategic Persuasion”

“The Role of Airpower in Vietnam” Gen. John P. McConnell, USAF Chief of Staff Address to Dallas Council on World Affairs Dallas September 16, 1965 FULL TEXT VERSION Gen. John P. McConnell became Chief of Staff in February 1965, as...


Hoggy Heaven I enjoyed reading Walter J. Boyne’s December 2010 article, “Hog Heaven” [p. 34]. As then-Capt. Paul Johnson’s and Capt. Randy Goff’s squadron commander, I remember their incredibly successful combat search and rescue mission like it happened last week,...


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AFA National Report

Praising Alabama Air Force Association Chairman of the Board S. Sanford Schlitt traveled in December to Montgomery, Ala., home of Maxwell Air Force Base, Civil Air Patrol headquarters, and the Montgomery Chapter. At Maxwell, Schlitt made office calls on Air...