August 2007

Vol. 90, No. 8

The DEAD Man’s Hand

At Shaw AFB, S.C., airmen of the 20th Fighter Wing train incessantly to suppress and destroy.””

Aerospace World

USAF Awards Combat Medals Gen. T. Michael Moseley on June 12 presented the first six Air Force Combat Action Medals at a ceremony at the Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Va. The Chief of Staff noted that the number of...


Sure It Does “A recent study by Foreign Policy in Focus and the Center for Defense Information found that 90 percent of US security spending is devoted to military purposes, while only 10 percent goes to nonmilitary tools of security...

B-47 Stratojet

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Bush’s Brave New World Order

“Persian Gulf Crisis” President George H.W. Bush Address to Joint Session of Congress Washington, D.C. September 11, 1990 FULL TEXT VERSION When Iraq invaded Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990, it didn’t take Washington long to bring force to bear. Some...


Waste of Money With all due respect to our leaders in Washington, I think Operation Noble Eagle has run its course [“The Years of Noble Eagle,” June, p. 50]. I can see them wanting to keep our cities safe, but,...