November 2005

Vol. 88, No. 11

Spirits of Guam

Airmen of USAF’s 325th Bomb Squadron took their bombers from Missouri to Guam in the most ambitious B-2 deployment yet.


He came perilously close to washing out as a pilot. Then, he became one of the greatest aces of all ti

Aerospace World

Bush Endorses BRAC Moves President Bush on Sept. 15 endorsed and sent to Congress the Base Realignment and Closure Commission’s recommendations to close 22 major military bases and realign 33 more. The commission would shutter four Air Force, Air National...


Terrorism Not Top Priority “President Bush should call back from Iraq as many Guard units as necessary to do the job that the Guard is trained to do: Protect Americans at home in times of peril. … The so-called war...

Action in Congress

Senate Votes To Stop PTSD Review The Senate has voted to block the Department of Veterans Affairs from conducting a review of documents concerning 72,000 supposedly settled cases of veterans rated 100 percent disabled from post-traumatic stress disorder. On a...