December 1999

Vol. 82, No. 12

Tropical Relief

A year after Hurricane Mitch, a Central American country still needed humanitarian assistance. The Maryland ANG answered the call.

The Navy in the Balkans

Vice Adm. Daniel J. Murphy Jr., the Sixth Fleet commander, says carrier air did more of the job than h

Eight Straight

During the 1990s, the Air Force’s overall Mission Capable rate has fallen by almost 10 percentage points.

Aerospace World

New York ANG Unit Stages Polar Rescue An aircraft and crew of the New York Air National Guard on Oct. 16 dashed through brutal cold and into the depths of Antarctica to rescue a doctor who had been diagnosed with...


Mike Short School of Diplomacy “I’d have gone for the head of the snake on the first night. I’d have turned the lights out the first night. I’d have dropped the bridges across the Danube. I’d [have] hit five or...


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