ASAT test

Biden Administration Says U.S. Won’t Test Certain Anti-Satellite Weapons

The Biden administration says it’s ruled out conducting one type of anti-satellite weapon test. While on a visit to her home state, Vice President Kamala Harris gave a speech at Vandenberg Space Force Base, Calif., formalizing the administration’s prior admonishments of an ASAT test by Russia in 2021. Harris committed the U.S. will not "conduct destructive, direct-ascent, anti-satellite missile testing." She said the decision was one step toward “writing new rules of the road to ensure all space activities are conducted in a responsible, peaceful, and sustainable manner.”
Preston Dunlap

Air Force’s Outgoing 1st Chief Architect Officer Offers 4 Steps for Overcoming Bureaucracy

Preston Dunlap, the Department of the Air Force’s first-ever chief architect officer, is set to leave the Pentagon in the coming weeks, he confirmed in a lengthy LinkedIn post—and he has a long list of recommendations for those coming after him on how to combat Defense Department bureaucracy. Dunlap’s departure, first reported by Bloomberg, marks the latest exit by a high-ranking Air Force official tasked with modernizing the department’s approach to software and technology.

Six Months Late to a Deal, F-35 Lot 15-17 Contract Negotiations Drag On

Negotiations over the next three-year lot of F-35s have gone on six months longer than expected because the government and Lockheed Martin are having a hard time agreeing on common numbers for inflation and because of COVID-related supply chain costs, company officials said. However, with foreign orders, they think they can keep to a planned rate of building 156 F-35s a year.

USMC Hornet Squadron Pivots from Arctic to Poland to Replace USAF in Air Policing

LASK AIR BASE, Poland—Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornets had no sooner finished a six-week deployment in the Arctic before a real-world contingency required them to redeploy to NATO's eastern flank. The Marine Corps rarely conducts NATO Air Policing. But in the total force muscle flex triggered by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 312 finished Exercise Cold Response in Norway and flew south to central Poland. “We haven't done it before, but we've been trained to these things,” said executive officer Maj. Tyson Griffith of the Air Policing mission. “Guys are excited to do non-training stuff to put into action everything that we've been preparing for.”
MQ-9 Reaper

As Drones Grow More Sophisticated, Export Rules Still Stuck in 1980s, Experts Say

As the Air Force moves forward with plans to utilize unmanned aircraft systems in new and increasingly powerful ways, the U.S. is still stuck in how much it can share those capabilities with allies and partners—creating a dangerous vacuum that China has moved to fill, according to analysts with AFA's Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies and the Center for New American Security.

Radar Sweep

The National Guard’s Chief is Working on Health Insurance for Everyone

Military Times

Asked how he would spend a hypothetical budget increase, Army Gen. Daniel R. Hokanson would put it toward funding health insurance for all National Guard members, the Chief of the National Guard Bureau said. It’s an issue in his force, he said, because about one in eight Guard members don’t have health insurance outside of their days on Active orders.

EXCLUSIVE: Boeing to Pay for Upgrades to KC-46 Tanker’s Panoramic System

Breaking Defense

The Air Force and Boeing have struck a deal on the design of the KC-46’s most notorious and troubled system, paving the way for new upgrades to the tanker’s panoramic camera system that will be made on Boeing’s dime. The Air Force and Boeing officially closed the preliminary design review for the Remote Vision System 2.0 after Boeing agreed to pay for improvements to the panoramic suite.

OPINION: Air Force’s Math on the F-15EX and F-35 Doesn’t Add Up

Breaking Defense

When the Air Force rolled out its fiscal 2023 budget request, a big dip in F-35 procurement raised eyebrows—and those eyebrows only went higher when it became clear money would be going to speed up the F-15EX buy instead. In this new analysis, JV Venable of the Heritage Foundation takes a deep dive into service funding books to figure out whether the math actually adds up.

COMMENTARY: I Came Out of Retirement to Help Ukraine Fight. The Key to Victory is in the Sky.

NBC News

“For the past month, the entire world has been watching the Ukrainian sky. And for good reason: Since World War II, air superiority has been the deciding factor in international conflicts. Russian President Vladimir Putin is well aware that control of the sky is the key to victory in Ukraine. In the face of this all-out assault, the Ukrainian air force’s primary mission is to prevent Russia from gaining air superiority … The difficulty of this task cannot be exaggerated: Our enemy possesses vastly superior capabilities, both in the sheer number of aircraft and surface-to-air defense systems, and in the level of their technologies. Effective air defense requires a full arsenal of tools on the ground and in the sky, and Ukraine started the war with a tremendous disadvantage on both fronts,” writes Serhii Drozdov, veteran fighter pilot and former commander of the Ukrainian Air Force.

Lockheed Martin Proposes Multilayer Space Network for Missile Defense


The Pentagon could get far more bang for its missile-defense buck if all the sensor satellites located in different orbits could talk to each other and share data via optical links, according to a proposal floated by Lockheed Martin to create a multi-orbit data transport network in space. Data collected from every orbit is needed to defend against advanced ballistic and hypersonic missiles, said Eric Brown, senior director of military space mission strategy at Lockheed Martin.

Natural Gas Well Explodes on Barksdale Air Force Base

According to the 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs Office, about 11:40 a.m. emergency officials responded to a gas well explosion on the East Reservation of Barksdale Air Force Base, La. Injuries had been reported, but no further information was provided.

One-on-One With the Air Force’s Cyber Chief

The Record

It would almost be easier to list the operations Timothy Haugh isn’t involved in. As the head of 16th Air Force (Air Forces Cyber) the three-star lieutenant general oversees a number of missions that the service consolidated into a single information warfare entity in 2019. Before he assumed command, Haugh served in senior positions at U.S. Cyber Command—including director of intelligence and chief of the National Cyber Mission Force—that left him well versed in multiple facets of the digital domain.

One More Thing

Air Force Files Metaverse Trademark for ‘Spaceverse’

The Air Force is setting a course for the metaverse, starting with filing a trademark application for the Spaceverse. This “secure digital metaverse” will someday include a virtual reality space for training and other activities by the Air Force, according to the trademark submission.