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Brown: Aircraft Planned for Divestment Likely Wouldn’t Go to War Anyway

The 250 airplanes the Air Force wants to retire in the fiscal 2023 budget are those the service probably wouldn't take to a modern peer fight anyway, Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. told reporters. He defended the 2023 budget request as striking a balance between having enough capacity for a near-term war and building the necessary force of the future, though he acknowledged some risk. He also said the avionics of the F-15EX put it nearly on par with fifth-generation fighters, and called the jet a useful weapons "truck."
Nahom Senate Appropriations

Part 1: Q&A with Lt. Gen. David S. Nahom on the Future Fighter Fleet

Air Force Magazine Editor in Chief Tobias Naegele and Pentagon Editor Abraham Mahshie sat down with Lt. Gen. David S. Nahom, Air Force deputy chief of staff for plans and programs, for an exclusive interview that touched on everything from the the Next-Generation Air Dominance platform to the Air Force’s plans to replace the aging AWACS fleet. This is part one of that interview, which has been edited for length and clarity.

Eielson Days Away from Achieving Full Complement of F-35s

Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, will receive its final two F-35 strike fighters in the coming days, making it the Air Force’s second fully-equipped combat-coded F-35 wing and the first for Pacific Air Forces. Once the beddown is complete, Eielson will have a total of 54 strike fighters in two squadrons. Eleventh Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. David A. Krumm told Air Force Magazine that when combined with the two squadrons of F-22s at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska will have more operational fifth-generation assets than anywhere else in the world.
Air Force leave

New Air Force Leave Policy Gives Time off for Fertility Treatments, Sexual Assault Recovery, More

The Department of the Air Force updated its leave policies in early April, adding time off for Airmen and Guardians seeking fertility treatments, recovering after a sexual assault, or preparing for employment in civilian life. Under the April 6 update to DAF Instruction 36-3003, commanders can approve up to 35 days of permissive temporary duty at a military medical treatment facility for service members seeking fertility treatments.

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US Rushes $800M In Weapons, Helicopters to Ukraine as Russia Coils for New Offensive Into the Donbas

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The United States will send an $800 million security assistance package of additional military weapons systems, vehicles, and munitions to Ukraine as Russia prepares to significantly increase its assault on the Donbas region, President Joe Biden announced April 13. The latest arms transfer will include 11 Mi-17 helicopters that the administration had originally planned for Afghanistan but will send to Ukraine instead.

With GAO Ruling Expected Soon, Colorado Delegation Ready to Fight SPACECOM Move

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With a final ruling expected soon on whether Space Command will move to Alabama, Colorado’s congressional delegation is again vowing to fight to keep SPACECOM headquartered at Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs. The Government Accountability Office has been reviewing the Jan. 13, 2021 decision by the Trump administration to locate SPACECOM’s headquarters in Huntsville, Ala. While that review is complete, according to a number of sources, the watchdog agency has yet to make its findings public. It has, however, briefed members of Congress—and Peterson’s supporters don’t sound happy.

DOD to Build Project Pele Mobile Microreactor and Perform Demonstration at Idaho National Laboratory

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The Department of Defense’s Strategic Capabilities Office released a Record of Decision for Project Pele, a program intended to design, build, and demonstrate a mobile microreactor. SCO will construct an inherently safe by design nuclear microreactor capable of being transported by the DOD and able to deliver one to five megawatts of electrical power for a minimum of three years of full power operation.

Lockheed Martin Hopes the US Has Turned the Corner on Hypersonics

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That the United States is behind China and Russia in the area of hypersonic weapons is no secret. But the successful endurance test of a new jet-launched hypersonic in March is giving weapons maker Lockheed Martin hope that the United States is on track to close the gap.

Pentagon Won't Merge Commissaries and Exchanges, for Now

The Defense Department has scuttled plans to merge the Defense Department’s commissary system with the military branches' three separate exchange services. In an April 4 memo to Pentagon leadership, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks ordered officials to “cease all efforts to consolidate the Defense resale entities.”

Schriever Space Force Base Receives $30 Million for New Fitness Center

A project for a $30 million renovation of the fitness center at Schriever Space Force Base outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was approved last month, giving Guardians stationed in the rural area access to a more modern gym after several years of fighting for updates to the building. U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., earmarked the project in the fiscal 2022 omnibus funding bill. The funding was secured last month, and will be crucial for maintaining morale, recruitment and readiness, an aide for the senator told

Russia Has Yet to Slow a Western Arms Express into Ukraine

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Western weaponry pouring into Ukraine helped blunt Russia’s initial offensive and seems certain to play a central role in the approaching, potentially decisive, battle for Ukraine’s contested Donbas region. Yet the Russian military is making little headway halting what has become a historic arms express.

Space Force Looking at What It Will Take to Refuel Satellites in Orbit


The U.S. Space Force in 2025 plans to launch to geostationary orbit three small satellites that will attempt to dock with a propellant tanker so they can be refueled in space. The idea is to “test out pieces of the refueling infrastructure,” Col. Joseph Roth, director of innovation and prototyping at U.S. Space Systems Command, told SpaceNews at the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.

Leonardo CEO is Bullish on Europe’s Defense Market

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The head of Italy’s defense giant Leonardo has said there is a “great willingness” in Europe to bring countries together to launch joint defense programs as funding multiplies in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Leonardo CEO Alessandro Profumo predicted jointly planned and produced systems were increasingly in demand on the continent after years in which countries duplicated designs, leading to massive wastes of funding.

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Hip, Cool Army Puts out Buzzfeed Recruitment Quiz

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The U.S. Army, as part of its recruiting efforts, has thrown a lot of spaghetti at the wall to entice young men and women to sign their lives away in service to the military’s oldest branch. Its latest campaign is a Buzzfeed quiz, a popular time-wasting method from the early 2010s that people evidently still do in the Year of Our Lord 2022.