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MacDill Picked as the Next KC-46 Base

The Air Force selected MacDill Air Force Base, Fla., as its next preferred location for the KC-46 on Dec. 21, setting up the Florida installation to receive 24 of the new aerial tankers in the coming years. The KC-46 will replace Active-duty KC-135s currently at MacDill.

Radar Sweep

AFRL and Northrop Grumman Test Hardware for Space-Based Solar Power Experiment


A satellite solar panel designed by Northrop Grumman to harvest energy in space to be beamed back to Earth performed successfully in lab tests, clearing the way for the technology to be launched to orbit in a military experiment planned for 2025. The demonstration at a Northrop Grumman facility in Maryland was in support of an experiment funded by the Air Force Research Laboratory to collect solar power in outer space for use on Earth.

Robins Air Force Base Begins Retiring JSTARS Fleet


Robins Air Force Base, Ga., is getting ready to say goodbye to the JSTARS and welcome new high-tech units in 2022. The Air Force authorized Air Combat Command and the Georgia Air National Guard to start divesting the E-8 JSTARS fleet beginning with four aircraft in fiscal year 2022.

Space Force Moves Closer to Replacing Aging DMSP Weather Sats

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With a second-stage award to Raytheon Intelligence & Space for prototype demonstration, the Space Force is one step closer to finally being able to replace its few remaining Defense Meteorological Satellite Program weather satellites. The Other Transaction Authority award to RI&S, worth $67 million, is the second recently granted by Space Systems Command to advance the Electro-Optical Infrared Weather System program, which would partially replace the capability provided by the dying DMSPs.

Silicon Valley Warns the Pentagon: ‘Time is Running Out’

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Top Pentagon leaders, military brass, and defense CEOs flocked to California for the annual Reagan National Defense Forum in December. The Davos-style event convening the power brokers of the defense world has increasingly become a venue for meetings with Silicon Valley-based tech founders and venture capitalists eager to break into government markets. This year, an air of foreboding was served alongside the free drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

F-15C Eagle Weapons School Sunsets at Nellis

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The Air Force is continuing to modernize its future fighter force, and part of that evolution includes the sunset of the F-15C Eagle division of the United States Air Force Weapons School Weapons Instructor Course. The single-seat F-15C entered the Air Force inventory in 1979, and weapons officers have been trained on the aircraft’s tactics at the Weapons School at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., since 1978.

The Latest on Missile Warning & Defense

Air Force Magazine

Recent Russian and Chinese missile launches raised the stakes in space. Find out the latest news on sensing, tracking, and defending against enemy missile strikes.

Small Firm Tapped to Make Threat Detectors for Satellites

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A relatively small company is getting a $32 million contract to develop sensors to help protect U.S. and allied satellites from Russian and Chinese spacecraft. The award appears to exemplify the kind of transaction the Pentagon wants more of: affordable, innovative technology from companies, regardless of size. Under the Space Force contract, Arizona-based Geost will finish building a prototype sensor that will monitor objects in geosynchronous orbit. The sensors will be attached to U.S. and possibly allied satellites.

New Hypersonic Missile-Tracking Satellites Pass Critical Design Review


The prototype satellites that will help the U.S. Missile Defense Agency track hypersonic threats have passed a critical design review, meaning the contractors can move forward with manufacturing. The Missile Defense Agency selected L3Harris Technologies and Northrop Grumman in January to design, build, and demonstrate prototype satellites for its Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor. L3Harris was awarded $122 million, while Northrop Grumman was awarded $155 million.

How Weather is Playing a Role in Information Warfare


Hacks, leaked documents, and information operations orchestrated through social media were the pinnacle of information warfare in the last couple of years. But military leaders are eyeing another sphere: weather. In response, some branches have brought weather units and related data into the information warfare fold.

One More Thing

A Strategic Plan of Attack for Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

Air Force Times

For all you procrastinators who have waited until the 11th hour to do your shopping, don’t fear. Legendary writer Robert Greene, author of "33 Strategies of War," has you covered. Follow his fool-proof shopping guide to attack your gift-giving, guerilla-style.