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House, Senate Panels Unveil Compromise 2022 NDAA

Leaders from the Senate and House Armed Services committees unveiled a new 2022 National Defense Authorization Act on Dec. 7 in a bid to overcome gridlock and hasten the passage of the annual policy bill. The new bill, passed by the House that night, combines elements of a version passed by the full House earlier and a version agreed to in the Senate Armed Services Committee, both in September. It also incorporates some of hundreds of amendments proposed by senators after the SASC reported the bill to the full chamber.

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Austin Rejects ‘Red Lines’ for Taiwan, Ukraine

Defense One

In an interview with Defense One, Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III revealed a bit of his thinking on Ukraine and Taiwan, two fronts where U.S. policy about direct military intervention is not clear and where Russia and China are now testing the edges.

ULA Atlas V Launches Space Test Program SAT-6, LDPE-1 Into Orbit

Space Force release

The Space Force’s Space Systems Command and its mission partners successfully launched the Space Test Program-3 mission from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Fla., during the predawn hours of Dec. 7. The primary spacecraft on the mission, STPSat-6, will deliver operational nuclear detonation detection capabilities and demonstrate new space technologies in the areas of space domain awareness, weather, and laser communications.

Congress Drops Effort to Add Women to the Draft


Women will not have to sign up for a potential draft anytime soon after an effort to add them to the Selective Service System was dropped from the compromise version of the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, that was released Dec. 7.

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What’s Driving Putin’s Ukraine Brinkmanship?

The New York Times

There are tactical reasons for threatening an invasion, but the real cause may lie in the Kremlin’s fixation with righting what it sees as a historical injustice.

What Would it Take to Defend Ukraine? Potentially, Billions of Dollars.

Breaking Defense

As Russia moves forces to the borders of Ukraine, voices in the United States and Europe are calling for their governments to help the Ukrainians defend themselves. Most of these commentators limit their recommendations to training and equipment support, but some would extend a security guarantee to Ukraine, even making it a member of NATO.

Missile Defense Agency Declares Initial Delivery of Long-Range Discrimination Radar in Alaska

Defense News

The Missile Defense Agency has finished installing radar arrays and wrapped up military construction for the Long-Range Discrimination Radar at Clear Air Force Station, Alaska, declaring the initial fielding of the radar. Now the agency will integrate the radar into the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system and the Command and Control, Battle Management and Communications system during 2022 in preparation for formal operational acceptance by the Air Force in 2023.

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In Photos: U.S. Commemorates 80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Attack


The United States observed the 80th anniversary of Japan’s attack on the naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii—which killed over 2,300 people and shook the nation, leading it to join World War II—in ceremonies across the country Tuesday.