Air Force Streamlines Exceptional Family Member Support

A new division within the Air Force Personnel Center will provide better, more streamlined customer service to the families the Air Force Exceptional Family Member Program serves.

The newly created Exceptional Assignment Program division will be a one-stop shop for these families to get help with medical, family-support, and assignment-related assistance, according to a June 30 release. The division will also manage humanitarian and expedited transfer assignment requests, as well as the Air Force Family Member Travel Screening process, the release noted.

“Your voices were heard,” said Kimberly Schuler, who heads up humanitarian, Exceptional Family Member Program, and expedited transfer reassignments policy at the center, in the release. “Integrating all EFMP components under one division prevents families from having to navigate through a complex process and engage multiple organizations to respond to a singular EFMP request.”

Later down the line, the division may also be charged with handling other core parts of the Exceptional Family Member Program, including legal, TRICARE, and special-education-related support, the release noted.