Developing a New York Plan:

A push generated by Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.), and joined by Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), to get the Air Force to produce a “long range plan” for Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station has borne fruit in the 2008 defense policy bill, already passed by the House. The base is home to the Air National Guard’s 107th Air Refueling Wing, which loses its KC-135s under BRAC 2005, and Air Force Reserve Command’s 914th Airlift Wing, which flies C-130s. The ANG unit is to unite with the AFRC unit, in a unique associate role that the service is still developing. Slaughter and others in the New York delegation have been pushing for a little more detail and possibly more aircraft. In a joint statement, she said: “I am pleased that my original amendment holding the Air Force accountable for developing a long-term plan for the base is included in the conference report. This important language takes us a step close in ensuring that the base remains an integral part of our community.” The Air Force is to report by March 1.