Yokota Mission Shows Upgraded Super Galaxy Range

An upgraded C-5M Super Galaxy flew a cargo mission from Travis AFB, Calif., to Yokota AB, Japan, without stopping or refueling during the first week of March. The upgraded M version of the aircraft has the range and fuel efficiency to skip a layover at JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, or JB Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. This ability saves time, fuel, and money for the Air Force, as well as cutting down on required crew rest. “We’ve saved 1,680 flight hours, used 34 percent less fuel, and cut $4.8 million in fuel costs per year, saving 14 hours in one mission,” said Lt. Col. Cory Damon, commander of the 22nd Airlift Squadron at Travis, according to a press release. Lockheed Martin is upgrading 52 C-5s and expects the work to be completed in early 2018.