Whiteman Gets First Upgraded B-2

The Air Force has taken delivery of the first operational B-2 stealth bomber fitted with a newly modernized radar that includes advanced electronically scanned arrays. In a release April 28, prime contractor Northrop Grumman said the handover occurred March 17 at Whiteman AFB, Mo., home of the B-2 fleet. “The new radar enables the jet to perform some of the nation’s most significant missions, while giving it a technological foundation for enhanced capabilities in the future,” said Dave Mazur, Northrop’s vice president of long-range strike. This updated B-2 is the first of several getting the new Raytheon-built radar during the system development and demonstration phase of the Air Force’s B-2 radar modernization program, which seeks to equip the entire 20-aircraft B-2 fleet with the new AESA system by 2011. Last December the Air Force let a $468 million production contract for Northrop to build the remaining sets of new arrays.