We’re Changing Our Name to Air & Space Forces Magazine

Air Force Magazine becomes Air & Space Forces Magazine with the release of our September issue.  

The magazine’s digital address will change Sept. 8, when all the content will migrate to the new AirAndSpaceForces.com home page. All existing content and links will remain fully functional through this transition.

“Changing the title of a storied publication—and Association—is not something to be taken lightly,” said Air & Space Forces Magazine’s Editor in Chief Tobias Naegele in a news release announcing the change. “Changing a name that is even older than our Association itself, a publication created at the direction of Hap Arnold himself, meant turning a page. But just as flexibility is the key to air power, so it is in publishing, as well.”

Air Force Magazine launched as an official military publication in 1942, and ownership was transferred to the Air Force Association after its creation in 1946. At various times it also included a subtitle, making the publication Air Force Magazine and Space Digest.

AFA’s board of directors voted in March to change the association’s name to Air & Space Forces Association in an overt sign of its commitment to the Space Force as an equal component of the Armed Services and the Department of the Air Force. Changing the title of the magazine was a natural follow-on to that decision.

AFA President retired Lt. Gen. Bruce Wright, who is also the magazine’s publisher, said the new title “reflects the new name of our storied Association and the reality that out of one Department of the Air force live two independent yet tightly linked military services. The breadth of that coverage is not new, but the name change makes that clearer to everyone. Seeing is believing, and we want our commitment to space to be right there for all to see.”