C-146 Wolfhound

The C-146 provides flexible, responsive airlift for special operations teams operating from austere and semiprepared airfields worldwide.

Wolfhound is based on the German-built Dornier 328 regional airliner and was purchased by USSOCOM, modified by Sierra Nevada Corp., and designated C-146.

The aircraft are operated by AFSOC as a nonstandard fleet providing direct support to SOF teams worldwide, often from austere airstrips. Modifications include ARC-231, PRC-117, and Iridium communications suite, troop/cargo-capable cabin, casualty evacuation capability, NVG compatibility, and STOL/austere operations enhancements.

The aircraft first deployed in support of USAFRICOM in 2011. Recent upgrades include navigation enhancements to permit ops in GPS-degraded environments.

Contractors: Fairchild-Dornier; Sierra Nevada Corp.
First Flight: December 1991 (Dornier 328).
Delivered: 2011-2017.
Production: 20 (converted).
Inventory: 20 (USSOCOM-owned).
Operator: AFSOC.
Aircraft Location: Cannon AFB, N.M.; Duke Field, Fla.
Active Variant: •C-146A. Preowned civil Dornier 328 modified for SOF airlift.
Dimensions: Span 69.6 ft, length 68.8 ft, height 23.8 ft.
Weight: Max T-O 30,843 lb.
Power Plant: Two Pratt & Whitney 119C turboprops, 2,150 shp.
Performance: Speed 335 mph, range 2,070 miles (2,000 lb cargo).
Ceiling: 31,000 ft.
Accommodation: Two pilots, one loadmaster.
Load: Load: 27 passengers; up to four litters; max cargo 6,000 lb.

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