AGM-65 Maverick

Maverick is a TV, imaging IR, or laser-guided standoff air-to-surface missile employed by fighter/attack aircraft against tanks, vehicles, and air defenses.

It was first employed during the Vietnam War and was used extensively in Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. AGM-65B is a launch-and-leave, EO/TV guided missile, equipped with “scene magnification” allowing acquisition of small/distant targets.

Fielded in 1986, AGM-65D employs an imaging IR seeker for all-weather day/night use. The AGM-65E is laser guided with a heavyweight penetrator warhead. The AGM-65G fielded in 1989 combines an imaging IR seeker, software to track larger targets, with a heavyweight penetrator warhead, digital autopilot, and a pneumatic actuation system.

The AGM-65H is an upgraded B variant that recently completed tracker upgrades. The AGM-65K is a modified G variant, replacing IR guidance with EO TV guidance and is also undergoing a tracker upgrade. The AGM-65L is the newest EO TV/semiactive-laser seeker equipped “Laser Maverick” designed to strike high-speed moving targets.

USAF is gradually modifying legacy missiles to Laser Maverick standards, but the FY21 budget does not include additional procurement.

Contractors: Raytheon (missile body); Northrop Grumman (propulsion).
First Flight: August 1969.
Delivered: August 1972.
IOC: February 1973.
Active Variants: •AGM-65B. A launch-and-leave EO TV seeker variant. •AGM-65D. Adverse weather B variant. •AGM-65E. Laser guided version heavyweight penetrator variant. •AGM-65G. Imaging IR seeker heavyweight penetrator variant. •AGM-65H. Upgraded B variant. •AGM-65K. Modified EO TV seeker G variant. •AGM-65L. Laser guided EO TV seeker variant for fast moving targets.
Dimensions: Span 2.3 ft, length 8.2 ft, diameter 12 in.
Propulsion: Twostage, solid-propellant rocket motor.
Performance: Supersonic, range 20 miles.
Guidance: EO TV guidance system (B/H/K); Imaging IR seeker (D/G); laser seeker (E).
Warhead: 125-lb cone-shaped (B/D/H); 300-lb delayed-fuse penetrator (E/G/K).
Integration: A-10C, F-15E, F-16C/D.

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