Warthogs Receive New Airborne Recovery System

Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., is in the process of upgrading its Active Duty A-10C with new lightweight airborne recovery systems. The LARS V-12 will provides GPS coordinates of troops on the ground, and improves communication with those forces through voice or text, said SSgt. Andre Gonzalez, 355th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron avionics technician, in a Jan. 6 release. “This urgent operational need arose in August [2016],” said Timothy Gray, the 309th AMARG acting director. “Air Combat Command and the A-10 Program Office asked me if AMARG could complete 16 aircraft by [Dec. 16]. I said, ‘Absolutely!’ It was awesome to see Team AMARG take on this massive logistical challenge, build a production machine, find facilities, manpower, equipment, tools, and make material kits [to] execute the requirement.” So far, 19 Warhogs from Davis-Monthan and Moody AFB, Ga., have been upgraded, states the release.