USAF Adds Campaign Streamers

Air Force Secretary Michael Donley formally presented six campaign streamers to Lt. Gen. Mike Hostage, commander of Air Forces Central, and members of his command last week during a visit to Southwest Asia. DOD authorized five: Liberation of Iraq (March 19, 2003-May 1, 2003); Transition of Iraq (May 2, 2003-June 28, 2004); Iraqi Governance (June 29, 2004-Dec. 15, 2005); Liberation of Afghanistan (Sept. 11, 2001-Nov. 30, 2001); and, also for Afghanistan, Consolidation I (Dec. 1, 2001-Sept. 30, 2006). The Air Force awarded the sixth streamer, the Air Force Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary streamer, for war on terror service in countries such as in Bahrain, Qatar, and the Horn of Africa. Hostage said the streamers “are emblematic of selfless airmen who live our core values and met the challenge … some who sacrificed their all, giving their lives during combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.” (SWA report by Capt. Frank Hartnett and SWA report by SrA. Michael Matkin)