USAF Relaxes Standards on Enlisted PME

The Air Force announced Tuesday that it is removing automatic barriers to reenlistment or extension for enlisted airmen who fail to complete required professional military education courses on time. The change will bring enlisted standards in line with “recent changes to our officer PME model,” said Lt. Gen. Gina Grosso, deputy chief of staff for personnel, according to a press release. The new policy grows out of the squadron revitalization effort. “Airmen clearly identified this as an issue in both the Air Force Revitalization Survey and during the recent field interviews conducted at JB Andrews,” said Brig. Gen. Stephen Davis, who is leading the revitalization effort. The change is effective March 15. Decisions on reenlistments and extensions for those who fail to complete their PME requirements will now be left up to squadron commanders. “As we work to revitalize our squadrons, it remains important that commanders and supervisors who are closest to an airman have a say in whether or not an airman should be allowed to reenlist,” Grosso said.