USAF Forms Task Force to Build Space Intelligence

The Air Force has formed a task force to address one of the biggest deficiencies in its space force structure—intel, said Lt. Gen. David Buck, commander of 14th Air Forces and the joint functional component command for space on Friday. Air Force’s Space Command has just 550 intelligence professionals, compared to 5,000 in Air Combat Command. A typical combat wing has 30 intel specialists, with at least two per squadron. AFSPC wings have 10, with just a “sprinkling” in squadrons, Buck said. Space intelligence has “atrophied” and it is time to “hit the gym and gain muscle mass.” Headquarters Air Force has formed a task force to get at this problem, but it will take time to get the billets approved and then to grow the expertise. However, “the good thing is we’re starting the conversation,” Buck said at an Air Force Association-Mitchell Institute event in Washington, D.C.