US F-15s Train in Israel

US Air Force F-15s are flying alongside Israeli, Polish, and Greek airmen in a large-scale exercise called “Blue Flag.” The exercise, which began Oct. 18 and will end on Thursday, is spread out across Israel, and includes air interdiction and close air support exercises, reported the Times of Israel. US Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro visited the exercise on Oct. 26 and spoke with airmen from the 493rd Fighter Squadron from RAF Lakenheath, England, who are participating, according to a Lakenheath release. The exercise came as Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon visited Washington, D.C., in late October to discuss US military aid and defense sales to the country. Israel is requesting the purchase of US-made V-22 Ospreys and a larger order of up to 75 F-35s, the Times of Israel reported.