US Airstrikes Kill 4 Terrorists in Somalia

Four members of the al-Shabab terror group were killed in three airstrikes in Somalia on Dec. 29, 2019, according to US Africa Command.

Two of the strikes were carried out near Qunyo Barrow, Somalia, taking out two al-Shabab members and two vehicles, the command assessed. Two more militants were killed in a third strike conducted near Caliyoow Barrow, Somalia, the command determined.

No civilians were killed, according to the command.

The US coordinated the strikes with Somalia’s federal government.

Al-Shabab has taken hundreds of lives since its “first external attack in 2010,” US Army Maj. Gen. William Gayler, AFRICOM’s operations director, noted in a release.

“They have attacked and killed African partners, allies, and fellow Americans,” he said. “They are a global menace and their sights are set on exporting violence regionally and eventually attacking the US homeland.”

The US military conducted a total of five strikes against al-Shabab in Somalia in December, killing six militants.