Two Thumbs Up

The Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center has rated the C-5M transport aircraft as “effective, suitable, and mission capable” based on results of operational testing that concluded in January, C-5 prime contractor Lockheed Martin announced Wednesday. This testing “was a resounding success” because of the teamwork of the Air Force-industry partnership, said Col. John Scorsone, Air Mobility Command’s director of test and evaluation. The Air Force has three C-5Ms today (one converted C-5A and two modified C-5Bs) that are being integrated in normal operations and already performing combat missions. It intends to upgrade 49 more C-5Bs to this configuration by 2016, giving it 52 C-5Ms in all. Sporting new engines, avionics, and additional modifications, a fully loaded C-5M is capable of flying unrefueled for more than 5,000 miles, allowing it to bypass traditional en route stops, thereby saving fuel and decreasing delivery times, according to Lockheed.