Time to Be a Dad

Airmen are now eligible for 10 days of nonchargeable paternity leave following the birth of their newborns, based on a passage included in the Fiscal 2009 defense authorization act. The Air Force said in a release Dec. 15 that the law applies to married, active-duty airmen whose wives have given birth to a child on or after Oct. 14, 2008. SMSgt. Rhonda Britt, superintendent of the directorate of Personnel Services Special Programs, said, “By giving our new dads more time to bond with mom and baby, we’re building a stronger Air Force family.” The paternity leave must be taken on consecutive days within 60 days of the baby’s birth, or, in extraordinary circumstances, up to a maximum of 90 days following the birth. The paternity leave may be authorized in conjunction with ordinary leave. As with any administrative absence, a commander may disapprove paternity leave if it would have an adverse impact on a unit’s readiness or operational mission.