Three Cadets Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Commanders at the Air Force Academy on Thursday preferred charges involving sexual misconduct against three male cadets for violations against the Uniform Code of Military Justice, according to an academy release. Each cadet’s case is unrelated and occurred at different times over the past 15 months, said Col. Tamra Rank, the academy’s vice superintendent. “Each case will be adjudicated independently and the accused in each case is presumed innocent until proven guilty,” she said. Article 32 hearings—the equivalent to a civilian grand jury proceeding—are expected to occur in late January or early February. The academy superintendent will decide for each cadet if his respective case will go to trial. One cadet (class of 2011) is accused of misconduct, including engaging in an unprofessional relationship. The second cadet (class of 2012) had one charge preferred against him for aggravated sexual assault. The third cadet is facing four charges, including abusive sexual contact. “We expect the best from our cadets, and do not tolerate unacceptable behaviors,” said Rank.