Thousands Flee Western Mosul as Iraqi Forces Move In

More than 8,000 civilians have fled Western Mosul since Iraqi forces began operations to clear ISIS from the section of the city, and Iraqi forces have since retaken key sites such as the only remaining bridge connecting the two halves of the city. Aircraft with the US-led coalition have conducted heavy airstrikes in and around Mosul, with five strikes on Monday taking out ISIS anti-aircraft systems, three buildings, several fighting positions, tunnels, and mortar teams, according to a US Central Command release. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs on Sunday released a report on the humanitarian crisis in Western Mosul, saying 8,000 people have fled the ISIS-held western half of the city since Feb. 19 and are arriving at surrounding villages exhausted and dehydrated. Hundreds of civilians have received trauma aid at field hospitals near Mosul, the OCHA report said. Iraqi officials on Tuesday said they have seen ISIS militants attempting to flee Mosul out of “shock” and “confusion,” according to CNN.