The Next Time You’re in Dayton

You might want to check out the new permanent “Warrior Airmen” exhibit that opened Jan. 12 at the National Museum of the US Air Force. The three-part exhibit (Battlefield Airmen, Expeditionary Combat Airmen, and In the Air) highlights the contributions of airmen to the global war on terror, both in the air and on the ground. It includes more than 400 artifacts, three dioramas, an audiovisual presentation on a 15-foot wide screen, and firsthand accounts from airmen who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. It also has digital, interactive touch screens for the visitors—the first-of-its-kind feature at the museum. “The Air Force is truly engaged in the war on terrorism,” said Jeff Duford, the museum’s research historian. He continued, “But not many people realize how many airmen are working on the ground. This exhibit will hopefully educate a lot of people on this fact.” Airmen donated all of the exhibit’s uniforms, items, and photos. (Dayton report by SSgt. Matthew Bates)