The Great Command Post Merger

Air Force Reserve Command and the active Air Force have merged operations of two more command posts, these at Pope AFB, N.C. The process to create such joint operations at various bases began more than a year ago when AFRC’s 920th Rescue Wing and the active 45th Space Wing, both at Patrick AFB, Fla., began to merge, serving as a service-wide test case. At Pope, the command post controllers of AFRC’s 440th Airlift Wing and active 43rd AW began working together in April, according to an Aug. 4 release. MSgt. Jeff Bello said the Reserve and active-duty controllers are certified in procedures for both AFRC and Air Mobility Command. “This means we can quickly respond to incidents affecting the active duty and Reserve wings,” with any of the controllers stepping in to assist where needed, said Bello. According to Maj. Dan George, 440th command post officer in charge, “We are saving time, money, and resources.” (Pope report by Lt. Col. Ann Peru Knabe)