The Chairman’s Advice

Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, offered three pieces of advice to the Air Force at AFA’s Air & Space Conference this week in National Harbor, Md. Item one, he said is to “hang onto the fundamentals.” Dempsey said he’s glad he’s never had to worry about the Air Force providing air superiority, lift, ISR, and close air support during his many combat tours. He wants the Air Force to continue to invest in these areas. “If you’re stopped, we’re stopped,” he said during his Sept. 19 speech. As item two, he urged the Air Force to take care of its people, develop them, and trust them to do right. Finally, Dempsey said that debate and even argument is healthy between the services, but when there’s conflict, the services should “address it as if we’re part of a family.” This means that everyone keeps in mind that they’re all on the same team and want the same results, and, in the end, will all still be part of the same military, he said. “Let’s have conversations, and keep them in the family,” said Dempsey.