T-6As Grounded at Vance after Physiological Incidents

The 71st Flying Training Wing at Vance AFB, Okla., enacted an operational pause in T-6A Texan II flying operations Nov. 15, after a fourth physiological event occurred since Nov. 1. Air Force photo.

The 71st Flying Training Wing at Vance AFB, Okla., grounded all T-6A flying on Nov. 15 after pilots reported four physiological incidents there since Nov. 1.

In each incident, “the aircraft’s backup oxygen system operated as designed,” and the aircraft landed safely, according to a Vance press release. T-6A flying operations have been halted while the wing analyzes the data from the reported events.

“Vance AFB is committed to ensuring aircrew safety is paramount, and are conducting a full investigation of the reported cases,” said Col. Darrell Judy, 71st FTW commander, in the release.

In the meantime, instructor pilots and students are being briefed on the incidents to raise their awareness of the issue. Because all incidents have been limited to the T-6A, training operations with the T-1A and T-38 are continuing as usual.