Strength of the Enemy

As the war in Afghanistan enters its 12th fighting season this summer and the US and NATO drawdown continues, Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Charles Gurganus, commanding general of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, said he expects to see “a concerted effort by the insurgents,” to try to show that they are still a force with which to reckon. “From an enemy perspective, he’s got to give it his best shot” to avoid losing relevancy, Gurganus told reporters on Thursday during a meeting in Washington, D.C. While he took note of the significant progress that Afghan security forces have made, he also highlighted what he said were the insurgents’ strong points: “I think the strength of the enemy is the ability to continue to sustain the fight” through outside assistance, training, and “lethal leads into the country.” Being able to stop that, is a challenge, added Gurganus during the April 18 gathering.