Still Nest-Bound

The F-22 fleet remains grounded six weeks after Air Combat Command initiated a safety stand-down following reports of potential malfunctions with the aircraft’s onboard oxygen-generation system. ACC spokeswoman Capt. Jennifer Ferrau told the Daily Report Thursday that the ongoing investigation has expanded beyond the OBOGS system, which provides a pilot with breathable air in flight so he will not blackout. Investigators also are looking at other F-22 systems and comparing them to those on other platforms, such as the A-10, F-15E, F-16, F-35, and T-6. “The other aircraft that are being looked at have not had the same issues that led to the F-22 stand-down and subsequent investigation. However, the OBOGS is a relatively new technological application; as such, we want to open the aperture and determine if anything that we see in the F-22 has safety implications that could affect the other fleets,” stated Ferrau.