Space Surveillance Satellite in Operators’ Hands

Air Force space officials announced Monday that they have transferred satellite control authority, or SCA, for the Space Based Space Surveillance satellite to the 1st Space Operations Squadron at Schriever AFB, Colo. The squadron is now responsible for operating and maintaining command and control of the satellite. SCA transfer, the officials said, represents “a successful culmination” of the satellite’s on-orbit checkout processes and is another important step towards officials clearing the satellite to initiate formal operations. SBSS reached orbit last September. The satellite’s optical camera is taskable and dedicated to monitoring objects in space from its orbital perch. “It’s an agile sensor so it can be tasked to look at high-interest objects on a more frequent basis,” said Col. Stephen Butler, Air Force Space Command’s chief of space situational awareness and command and control. Boeing and Ball Aerospace supplied the satellite. (Los Angeles release)