Space Strategy Encourages New Thinking

The National Security Space Strategy, released Friday, highlights a need to think differently about space operations. In fact, it encourages officials to find a way to better leverage growing foreign commercial capabilities in space and rethink how the United States deters others from attacking the nation’s space assets. “The National Security Space Strategy represents a significant departure from past practice. It is a pragmatic approach to maintain the advantages we derive from space while confronting the new challenges we face,” said Defense Secretary Robert Gates in a release. Amb. Gregory Schulte, deputy secretary of defense for space policy, said the United States should consider space coalitions similar to those utilized in the air, sea, and ground domains. “In just about every other domain . . . we operate with allies and partners. There are good reasons to do it,” he said. The 10-year strategy—a joint effort between the Defense Department and the intelligence community—concludes the Congressionally mandated Space Posture Review. (National Security Space Strategy unclassified summary) (NSSS fact sheet) (DOD’s NNSS webpage) (See also AFPS report by Cheryl Pellerin)