New Space Force PT Gear Coming Soon; Service Dress Skirt Hits Space Symposium

The Space Force uniforms are steadily getting fleshed out, with progress on everything from PT gear to new service dress items, including the debut of the women’s service dress skirt. 

By early 2024, the Space Force’s physical fitness uniforms will be available to all Guardians, a Department of the Air Force spokeswoman said.  

First unveiled in September 2021, the PT uniform’s was originally modeled by then-2nd Lt. Mahala Norris, an NCAA track champion, in a video posted on social media. Images shared now indicate minimal changes from that initial debut—black shorts and a dark gray T-shirt, along with black sweatpants and a black windbreaker. A patterned “USSF” on the sleeves is on the shirt and jacket and the Space Force’s Delta logo is on the left side of each item. 

Meanwhile, the service’s distinctive service dress uniforms begin wear testing this summer. Space Force Director of Staff Lt. Gen. Nina M. Armagno showcased that uniform’s skirt option, among the first times it’s been seen publicly. The first releases showed female Guardians wearing pants, causing a minor kerfuffle when observers said the pants seemed excessively baggy. 

The skirt is the same slightly textured gray as the pants, and fitted. 

Armagno wore the uniform at the Space Foundation’s Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colo., sporing a flight cap in dark blue matching uniform jacket. A Uniform Office official said the Space Force is developing other uniform items to go with service dress uniform, including “maternity, various outerwear pieces, wheel hat, cuff links and more.” 

The timeline for when the service dress uniform will be available for purchase is still late 2025. 

The Uniform Office is also designing a Space Force mess dress uniform for “official formal evening functions and state occasions,” according to Air Force policy. When that design will be revealed is unclear. 

“We look forward to showing Guardians more uniform options in the future to continue including their feedback,” a spokesperson said.