The Air Force on Wednesday began to implement a phased-plan to open access on the Air Force network (AFNET) to Internet-based social-networking sites based on a new policy change. During the initial phase, five Pacific Air Forces bases (Andersen AFB, Guam; Eielson AFB, Alaska; Elmendorf AFB, Alaska; Hickam AFB, Hawaii; and Yokota AB, Japan) will have access on a test basis. This will lead to a risk assessment prior to 24th Air Force, USAF’s cyber operations arm under Air Force Space Command, opening the social-networking sites Air Force-wide later in April. “We recognize the importance of allowing Airmen to have access to more Internet-based capabilities to conduct business and communicate,” said Gen. Robert Kehler, AFSPC boss. He added, however, that this access has to be balanced with the No. 1 priority of protecting the network. (Peterson report) (For more on AFNET, read Man On the Loop)