Silent Eagle Gets Next-Generation Helmet-Mounted Cueing System

Boeing announced that it recently validated the integration of a new version of the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System, JHMCS II/h, on its F-15 Silent Eagle demonstrator aircraft. The company said this work continues “the on-schedule development” of the Silent Eagle, the newest F-15 iteration that Boeing is offering South Korea in that nations’ F-X fighter competition. “Integrating this enhanced system onto the Silent Eagle took less than three months between ‘go-ahead’ and first flight,” said Greg Hardy, Boeing’s JHMCS program manager, in the company’s July 30 release. Vision Systems International produces the JHMCS II/h, which allows a pilot to aim sensors and weapons where he is looking via new head-tracking technology and a display projected onto the helmet’s visor. The new configuration “provides significantly improved ergonomics and reliability, at lower cost,” states the release.