Senators Challenge Obama on Iran Sanctions

After seemingly quelling congressional voices seeking to slap Iran with new sanctions in the aftermath of the initial nuclear agreement, a bipartisan Senate bill introduced by Sen. Mark Kirk [R-Ill.] and Sen. Robert Menendez [D-N.J.] raises the issue once again. “The American people rightfully distrust Iran’s true intentions and they deserve an insurance policy to defend against Iranian deception,” said Kirk in a release. Twenty-four other senators also have signed-on to the legislation, which recommends the US further reduces its purchase of Iranian oil as well as take additional penalties on engineering, mining, and construction businesses if Iran violates the interim agreement or fails to approve a final agreement. The senators say the bill gives the Obama Administration flexibility and up to a year from the conclusion of an agreement to pursue diplomacy, which would result in the “verifiable termination” of Iran’s, weapons program. Obama has stated he would veto any new sanctions legislation prior to a final agreement.