Safest Year for Air Force Aviation

The Air Force logged its best year in terms of aviation safety in Fiscal 2014, according to a service release. Compared to Fiscal 2013, there was a 32 percent reduction in overall Class A aviation mishaps in Fiscal 2014, along with a 64 percent drop in Class A flight mishaps, states the release, which cites Air Force Safety Center data. The Air Force defines a Class A mishap as one involving loss of life, an injury resulting in permanent or total disability, the destruction of an aircraft, or more than $2 million in property damage or loss. “This is truly a good news story,” said Maj. Gen. Kurt Neubauer, Air Force safety chief. He added, “Commander involvement at all levels resulted in [Fiscal] 2014 being the safest aviation year in the history of the Air Force.” Whereas in Fiscal 2013, 19 Class A flight mishaps resulted in 14 aircraft destroyed, the seven Class A accidents in Fiscal 2014 caused the loss of two airplanes, states the Oct. 10 release. “Aviator attention to detail and proper risk management enabled these historic lows,” said Neubauer.