Revamping B-52 Training

Air Force Global Strike Command will unveil a whole new training program for B-52 crews within the next month, said AFGSC boss Lt. Gen. Stephen Wilson. The changes are based on recommendations made during the recently completed Force Improvement Program within 8th Air Force, he told Air Force Magazine in an interview. “They saw some shortfalls in … operations training. We pretty much revamped how we’re training our B-52 crews,” said Wilson, who noted that a “tiger” team looked at how the crews trained and improvements that could be made from the schoolhouse to the squadrons. “There was a big focus on aircrew training and how we do it,” he added. “We’ll see some really good improvements, not only to the nuclear mission, but across all the mission areas, [including] our dual-capable bombers. We’re going to maximize the training that we do with the flying hours that we have. I think there will be some really good work there,” he said during the Jan. 9 interview.