Restocked and Ready at Thule

Two ships delivered more than 8.4 million gallons of fuel and 2.8 million pounds of supplies and equipment to Thule AB, Greenland, as part of the base’s annual resupply mission, according to a release. The nine-day mission, known as Operation Pacer Goose, concluded on Aug. 19. Military Sealift Command, the naval arm of US Transportation Command, oversaw the resupply, with Thule’s 821st Logistics Flight spearheading the activities at its end. The cargo delivered included National Science Foundation equipment and construction materials that Thule engineers will use to support the base’s infrastructure-consolidation project, states the release. Pacer Goose takes place from late June to mid-September, when Thule—located some 750 miles north of the Arctic Circle—is accessible by sea. During other times of the year, aircraft fly in any additional supplies. (Thule report by 1st Lt. Daniel Dale)